How to get Motorway Police Fresh Learner and Driving License

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My fresh experience of getting a driver’s license, so I thought I should share it with you. Motorway Ploice is now another driving licensing issue authority after ITP. You can get Motorway Police Fresh Learner and Driving License or convert your current license to a Motorway Police issued license which is valid in 33 countries.
1 – Get challan form from National bank (AIOU, Main Campus Sector H-8, Islamabad – or Industrial Area branch Sector H-9 , Islamabad). The challan from is only available in these branches. Best time to submit the challan is early morning, before 10 AM to avoid rush. For learner license, fee of Rs. 300 is charged and if you want it for both motorcycle and car, you have to pay 300 + 300.

2 – Blood group report is required which you can get from any registered laboratory or hospitals. If you have submitted the challan in AIOU branch, you can go to Pakistan Hilal-e-Ahmer (Pakistan Red Crescent Society  H-8/2, Islamabad) next to AIOU and get your blood report on the same day for payment of Rs. 100/.

3 – Now go to Motorway Drivers Licensing Authority (Street No. 5, H-8/2, Islamabad) with following

  1. Your Original CNIC and a copy of your CNIC
  2. Blood group report
  3. Challan Form (which you have already submitted in bank)

4 – Get the token

5 – Then go to CNIC verification room

6 – Medical checkup room (They check the eye sight, so if you wear glasses, make sure you have them)

7 – Picture room

8 – Data entry room for address etc.

9 – Take the theoretical test. This test is based on attached documents both available in English and Urdu. I would suggest that you read these sample questions for test. These are 400 questions and test is based on that. 10 questions are based on reading signs and 10 questions are theoretical. If you answer 2 incorrect questions in first section, you will be disqualified and if you answer 4 questions in correctly, then you disqualify again. Once disqualified, you will be given 2 weeks’ time before you appear for 2nd attempt. There are total 3 attempts for the submitted fee.

10 – Once you are successful in obtaining learner’s license, you can appear for practical test after 42 days. The learner license is however valid for six months.

Practical Test for driving license in Pakistan

Before you appear for th practical test, you need to go to bank again and submit another challan for Rs. 600/-.

The practical driving test consists of two phases.

1 – On premises test in which you have to make different shapes, like question mark and parallel parking

2 – On road test in which instructor will sit with you on the road and see how you drive the car


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