How to get present address changed in NADRA ID card

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Recently I got my present address changed on my NADRA ID card and it was relatively simple. But still I want to share my experience so that other people can benefit from it as well.

Where to for getting the present address changed?

I went to NADRA center Islamabad which is in the blue area, besides Crown Plaza hotel and Shaheen and D Watson are nearby. This center is 24X7 open and you can go at any time. Not very crowded at night, but do not go at around 10:30 PM as the shift changes at 11:00 PM and most of the NADRA officers start leaving for the day and the next shift comes at around 11:15 PM so you end up waiting additional 30 to 40 minutes. Same happens at 9 AM in the morning. So if you are planning to go, go after 11:30 PM. At this time there are a few people and your number comes within 30 mins. The whole process takes around 1-2 hours max.

What documents you need for getting the present address changed?

Your original ID card. No other document is required. You just need to take your blood relation along with you who is already living at the new address (the new address you want to have on your ID card). In my case, since me and my wife both got the address changed, so we served as witness for each other. So me and my wife went with our original ID cards.

The process

  1. Get token from the reception
  2. Wait for your turn till your token is called out
  3. Go the designated desk where you token was called
  4. Pay fees at the desk, the same guy will enter the data for you and will take your photo and thumb impressions
  5. Once done, you go to the approval counter, get the document signed and submit it to he reception.
  6. You are done


  • The normal fee for change in address is 200, urgent is 300. If your center is executive center, you can pay 1000 rupee (this has the smallest queue)
  • If you want to go for smart card, you have to pay 400 for normal, 800 for urgent and 1600 for executive type processing.
  • The normal card takes around 30 days to come. The urgent cards takes 7 working days to come. Right now, there is some kind of hold on printing normal ID cards so they are taking 2-3 months in processing.
  • The smart cards takes the same time depending on fees you have paid. They are delivered as per schedule. I got mine on 6th working day from my application submission.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal experience. Any information can change at time without any notice. Please visit NADRA website for latest and up to date information.

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