How to get birth certificate from CDA Islamabad

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I recently got Birth Certificate for my kids from CDA and here is what you need to do in order get birth certificates without any khawari. Its simple, as long as you know how to do it.

Note: CDA only issues certificate for children who were born in Islamabad.  CDA has recently shifted their department who was making birth/death certificate to location below. Its G7 and its beside “Sarae Aaam”.

Step 1 – Getting required documents ready (You must carry your and your spouse original ID cards)

  1. Attested photocopy of your and your spouse ID card. Nikkah nama is only if your wife does not have your name on her ID card where it says “Walid/Shohar ka naam”.
  2. Birth Certificate from Hospital – Make sure it has a stamp of doctor
  3. In case the child was born at home (which is rear in nowadays) you need affidavit from Dai (midwife) who delivered the baby – You can get this from shtamp froosh in step 2
  4. Affidavit as per the specimen – that will be given to you when you get form from CDA (no need to go to CDA for the form, the shtamp froosh has everything)

Step 2 – Go to the Shtamp Faroosh in the map given below – he is in Sitara market – G7 Markaz

  1. Ask him to fill up the birth registration form AKA Form A- he will do it for you in english and urdu
  2. Ask him to give you pre-filled affidavit (here you need to show him the original ID card in order to get stamp paper issued)
  3. The shtamp faroosh will charge you for form filling, affidavit filling, stamp paper fee which will be around Rs. 250. 

Step 3 – Submitting the documents

  1. Now you should have following
    1. Copy of your and your spouse attested ID cards
    2. Filled form for registration (Form A)
    3. Original Birth Certificate from hospital  or Affidavit from midwife is child was born at home
  2. Go to CDA office, and ask anyone where to submit the form
  3. On submission you will be asked to pay fee as per following rule
  4. Once fee is paid, you will be given a receipt and you can collect the certificate after 15 days


  • Check the rout on Google map if you are not familiar with G7 and Sitara market Area
  • Leave early in the day – you should be at CDA office by 9 in case you have already prepared documents

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