The Campus

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GAT Training
Address: Mian Plaza, Plot#10, Market Area, Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi
Phone: 051-5766288-89-90
Cell: 0303-5506907

THE CAMPUS is a different approach to all facets of coaching. Instead of traditional subject tutoring, we focus on creating a self-regulating and ingenious individual. We tailor study methods and techniques to the individual learner, so no more “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” classroom or group approaches. Our educational coaches are known to be invaluable mentors in the lives of the students they work with, helping instil an appreciation of education and opportunity; where students could discover their potential and develop it through academic excellence, ,mental brilliance and leadership skills; enabling them to enter into higher learning seats to join prestigious professions – paving the way to meet the challenges of practical life.

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