How to Transfer a Car Registration in Islamabad

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gvt-pak-logoTransferring a vehicle in your name is a very hectic and tedious job now a days especially when it comes about going to a public office to get a job done. Normally people avoid visiting such offices and try to hire a tout or an agent who normally has contacts inside. He just costs you a hefty extra charge which is so easily avoidable. All you have to do is keep faith in yourself and be forbearing in terms of everything. It is like 2 plus 2 four.

My experience of transferring my car in my name was also kind of hectic experience but all is well that ends well. At least, I ended up with my car transferred in my name and by saving a hefty amount which was due to agents if I would have approached as such.

Remember one thing; public offices’ rules are regulations are subjected to change but one way or another, there might be a little bit difference in the procedure and the documents required.

Few Tips before you buy a car from an unknown person:

  • Always try to purchase a locally registered vehicle.
  • Seller’s CNIC card must be valid and MUST not be expired or near to expire.
  • Always prepare sale Deed in the name of the owner or seller.
  • Token tax MUST be cleared before purchasing.
  • There should be no HVAC work required in the vehicle (quite expensive in some cases).
  • Vehicle already registered in the name of the seller should always be preferred.
  • Number of Owners should also be kept in mind. (Shows how much car is wear off)
  • Mileage should keep in mind like below or above 100,000 KMs.
  • Tires should be new or less wear off.
  • Alloy rim / sound system will be a bonus.
  • Don’t rely on the stories of the seller, the only thing matters is your own satisfaction.
  • Body paint should be original. (Minor touching is acceptable in some cases)
  • Engine should be sound and should not be opened for overhaul or any other related work. Such vehicles are mostly not reliable.
  • Always inspect the vehicle in daylight, not in evening or at night.
  • Keep a specialist with you for inspection or if possible, try to drive it personally.
  • Suspension should be OK.
  • Interior should be tidy and clean. Seat and belts, seat rests should be intact and in working condition.
  • Vehicle’s body MUST not be rusty.
  • Last but not the least; don’t leave the bargain for 10K or 15K, when you are completely satisfied, just go for it. You might repent on a deal which you thought was good.

Now coming to the point, let’s start with a simple breakup of the essential checklist you require for transferring the car in someone’s name and visiting ETO office:

 The Checklist:

  • Sale Deed (the document which you prepare when you purchase a car from someone) signed and notarized
  • Original Transfer Letter (Signed by the Owner of the vehicle)
  • Copy of your CNIC card
  • Copy of vehicle owner’s CNIC card (Remember to verify that the card is not expired)
  • T.O form (Easily available from Court offices)
  • 2 Urdu Transfer letter (One small and one A4 paper size)
  • Challan Form (Should be attested first from ETO office before fee submission)
  • Registration book 


Assuming that you have original Transfer Letter and Sale Deed in hand:

  • Keep the owner or seller stand-by to come to ETO office whenever you ask. Presenting yourself and the owner of the vehicle in front of ETO officer will lessen you efforts more than you think.
  • Go to Islamabad court office which is situated at F-8 Markaz Islamabad. Ask a Form vendor to provide you blank two Urdu transfer letters (Big & small), Challan form and T.O form.
  • Ask him if he can fill up all forms for you. (Transfer Fee for 1000cc in ISB is Rs. 1200). He will charge you like 100 Rs. to fill up all forms.
  • Take Challan Form to Window No. 1 to 5 which are at the backside of ETO office and ask the inspector to attest the Challan Form for you. Present all documents to you and he will attest the Challan form.
  • Now go to National Bank F-8 branch which is situated opposite ETO office. Challan fee is payable only in that branch or in Islamabad’s State Bank of Pakistan in Sector F-5.
  • You are almost done. Now your documents need attestation from a Class 1 Gazetted Officer. (All forms should be attested except original transfer letter & Sale Deed)
  • Ask the seller or owner of the car to reach ETO office, take him along with you and present all completed and attested documents in front of the ETO officer.
  • Now to Window 5 or 6, ask him that you want a vehicle transfer, he will ask you to pay Rs. 550 which are official screening charges. He will issue 2 receipts
  • Take the receipts and go to window 6, clerk will take all documents from you and will issue a printed receipt and will intimate you about the delivery date of your transferred registration book.

You are all good to go. Enjoy your visit of ETO and court offices. Good luck!!!

Fee and Taxes


Vehicle Category Engine Capacity Amount (Rs.)
Private / Commercial Upto 1000 cc 1,200
Private / Commercial From 1001 cc to 1800 cc 2,000
Private / Commercial Above 1801 cc 3,000

(Apply on Private & Commercial Vehicles)

Engine Capacity Filer (in Rs.) Non-Filer (in Rs.)
Upto 850 cc NIL 5,000
From 851 cc to 1000 cc 5,000 15,000
From 1001 cc to 1300 cc 7,500 25,000
From 1301 cc to 1600 cc 12,500 65,000
From 1601 cc to 1800 cc 18,750 100,000
From 1801 cc to 2000 cc 25,000 135,000
From 2001 cc to 2500 cc 37,500 200,000
From 2501 cc to 3000 cc 50,000 270,000
Above 3000 cc 62,500 300,000


Finally a decent site by ICTA for such information.

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