IIUI Schools(Gulraiz Campus) Rawalpindi

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We at the Campus are striving hard for achieving educational excellence, positive character building, personality grooming and trying to inculcate Islamic values and norms, so importantly required by our society. Currently, the Muslim Ummah is in educational crises whether the parents live in the East or the West. The primary problem arises when the education in Muslim Society is provided without inducting in the Islamic norms and values in the syllabus.

International Islamic University Islamabad took a bold step when it laid the foundation of IIUI Schools in order to inculcate Islamic norms and values through Quranic curriculum, Nazra and Tajweed, along with the teaching of Oxford Courses, as are taught in all renowned English Medium Schools of the country.

Address: IIUI Schools, Phase 04, #100-A, Double Road Gulraiz Housing Scheme, Rawalpindi.
Contact Director/Principal: 051-5382320, 5382950
Email: iiui.gulraiz@gmail.com

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