How to transfer Islamabad registered car – New Process

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Since my previous blog on the same topic, a lot of things have changed in terms of processes and fees. Instead of updating the old blog, I decided to add a new one so that we can reference the old one for records.

This time, the process is lot easier and less time consuming (only if you act on the tips I am going to provide in this blog). Without a further ado, let’s take a look at the step by step process. Please note, this process may change in the future, but these are the steps which I went through when I got my car got transferred a month back (November 2019).

Step 1: Get a bio-metric verification of vehicle from seller and the copy of his NADRA ID card. Getting a bio-metric verification from seller is a mandatory process and by doing this, seller does not have to appear in ETO/Excise office. But to get the bio-metric verification, the seller must go to an E-Sahulat center and ask for bio-metric verification for car transfer. The E-Sahulat center will charge you Rs. 120/- for this service. Here is the list of E-Sahulat centers with their contact numbers. Do call the e-sahulat center before going there so that you know if they are open/closed or still in business or not.

Step 2: Complete these forms and get the thumb print and signature of the seller at given location on the forms.

Step 3: Once you have completed the all the forms, make a document set with following documents.

  • Bio-metric verification receipt
  • Seller’s ID card copy
  • Buyer’s ID card copy
  • Completed forms as mentioned above
  • Original vehicle registration book with latest token paid receipt

Step 4: Go to ETO/Excise office and ask for the inspector window from the front desk counter. (Map link of ETO office)

Step 5: Once you reach the inspector window, give him all the documents and ask him to sign the Form-F

Step 6: Then go to the “Challan window” which is just besides the inspector window and give him all the documents. He will make some entries and then he will give you the challan form along with all other documents which you have given to him earlier.

Step 7: Take the challan form to the national bank window and pay the transfer fee.

Step 8: Once the fee is paid, then submit all the document to first window of the same building where you have visited inspector and got the challan form from. At this time, you will be asked to pay another Rs. 1475/- for smart card. This is on top of the transfer fee which you have paid in bank.

Step 9: Get the receipt from the same window and you are all set. Transfer takes a month till you get your smart card.

Important Tips

  • Complete step 1 to step 3 before going to ETO office to save time.
  • You must have the original copy of your CNIC
  • Reach early morning like 8:00 AM to avoid rush
  • This whole process takes 2-3 hours depending on rush
  • Avoid touts

Transfer Fee

S No.Vehicle CategoryEngine CapacityAmount (In Rs.)
1Private / Commercial Upto 1000 cc 1,200 
2Private / Commercial From 1001 cc to 1800 cc 2,000 
3Private / Commercial Above 1801 cc 3,000 

Advance Income Tax on Transfer

S No.Engine CapacityFiler (In Rs.)Non-Filer (In Rs.)
1Upto 850 ccNILNIL
2From 851 cc to 1000 cc5,00010,000
3From 1001 cc to 1300 cc7,50015,000
4From 1301 cc to 1600 cc12,50025,000
5From 1601 cc to 1800 cc18,75037,500
6From 1801 cc to 2000 cc25,00050,000
7From 2001 cc to 2500 cc37,50075,000
8From 2501 cc to 3000 cc50,000100,000
9Above 3001 cc62,500125,000

Please feel free to leave comments to share your experience or if you have any questions. I have written this blog purely based on my experience. You may have a different experience then mine.

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