Courses Offer MSC, M.A, B.A,  BSC, MBA, B.Com, MIT, BBA

Address: 88-W, Fazal-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad Pakistan.

Phone: 051-2270826 , 2270986

PABX: 051-2273198 , 2879907, 2879908



AL-Khair University Camp. Office

IJP Road Opp. I-8 Grid Station Islamabad

Ph: 051-4856514-15-18, 0343-5545555 , 0344-5390005 , 0332-5179282

27 thoughts on “Al Khair University Islamabad Campus

  1. hafiz aamir says:

    assalam o alaikum
    dear sir
    mba k papers kab start hu rahay hyn?

    1. rehan rajput says:

      Assalam o alaikum.
      Dear sir
      Sir ap sa ya pta krna tha ka ya Jo apki branch 6road pa hai, D-146, 6th road, satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, ya apki university ki recognised branch hai?
      Sir kindly mujay ya confirm kar dain .

  2. raja g says:

    Al-Khair is not recognized . Hec HAs banned this Bogus University since 2011 for more info please visit

  3. nawaz says:

    dear sir

    could please send my the verification of Registration No AUR(BA)1406-2007

    1. sheraz jamil says:

      who says its bogus
      go and check it with HEC ok dear every1 should go and take admission as soon as possible

  4. Junaid saleem says:

    salm sir kia sach may kh rhy hy k ye hce say recognized nhe hy matlb sir may master k liy admission krna chahta ho yaha pr plzz answer me plz

    1. shafqat nazir says:

      Junaid saleem bhai President ajk has refused to sign on Al khair university degrees , and asked HEC to close down this University

  5. sunny says:

    yar q confuse kar rahay ho koi khata hai recognized hai koi khata nai hai hec ke website pa jo list hai us main Alkhair ka nam hai k vo recognized hai koi solid bat nai bata sakta kaya?

    1. jafar khan says:

      ye link kholo ap sab ko alkhair ki asliyat ka pta chal jaega.president ajk ki statment hay ye. yahan sab bogas nizam hay total jaali degrian bikti hain, mene admision lia tha yahan per, b.a pas clerks aa k classes lete thay hmari.

  6. Respected sir, i was the student of MCS from College of Business
    Administration, Lahore Campus in 2002. I am working as Assistant Professor
    ((IT) in a private university , Lahore. Al-Kher University issued me my
    registration card Shahid Naseem S/o Muhammad Ibrahim, *AUR(CS)1129-2002* vide 37114 on 17-04-2012 by the signature of Deputy Registrar. After that
    the owner of CBA Mr. Sultan A. Khan issued me the copy of my MCS result
    card vide serial no. 6627 on 5th July, 2004. My registration No. on result
    card is *AUR (CS)-1229-2002* and asked me that AJK demanded 21,000/ for
    issuing the original result card. I have submitted a bank draft in March
    2014 in favor of AJK and submitted my bank draft to CBA. In April, 2014, i
    visited to AJK campus, Islamabad. The accountant of AJK, said me we not
    received such bank draft and Dy. Controller Examination told me there is
    difference between your actual registration no. and your result card no.
    Remaining information is correct. He said me as this card is issued from
    Lahore campus, so you contact Lahore Office. On next day, i contacted
    Lahore office and told the matter to controller examination. He asked me
    the original result card. The original result was hold by the owner of CBA.
    When i asked Sultan A. Khan about the matter. He said me as the mistake on
    result card is from the university so give us some time and your correct
    result card will be issued you on 31 May, 2014. Sir, Sultan A. Khan lives
    in Islamabad and his mobile no. is not responding.

    It is therefore, requested that pl. look up this matter and issued me my
    correct result card as i have to apply for degree because my university is
    continuously demanding me the MCS degree.

    Sir, if you did not take any action against Islamabad campus and Sultan A.
    Khan , the owner of CBA, Lahore, i will contact to HEC and FIA in this

    Shahid Naseem

  7. ishtiaq ahmad says:

    Al khair university is a recognized university.i m doing my m.phil from dis university.ap sb ankhain band kr k is university me admision le skte ho.

  8. ishtiaq ahmad says:

    Raja g se ek request he k sb ko confuse keu kr rahe ho.kea dushmani he tmhari al khair se.

  9. ilyas says:

    still confused koi kheta ha sai ha koi kheta ha sai nai ha :/

  10. zaheer abbas says:

    “those who r supporting this junk shop on the name of al khair university should feel shame on them selfs. HEC has banned this shop since they are doing tactics like finding people who have passed their B.A or M.B.A before 2009 .then they issue fake registration to them and sell degrees .HEC is silent because they pay huge money to their top your children’s future. say no to these cheap institutes”

  11. sharjeel says:

    لخیر یونیورسٹی بھمبر کیمپس تعلیم کے نام پر فراڈ ،نہ مطلونہ سٹاف نہ معیار تعلیم پچھلی تاریخوں میں ڈگریاں بانٹنے کا دھندہ عروج پر گلی محلوں میں بننے والی یونیورسٹی نے تعلیم کا بیڑہ غرق کر دیا طلباء بغیر یونیورسٹی آئے بغیر امتحان دیئے محض پیسوں کے عوض ڈگریاں لینے لگے حکومت نے آنکھیں موند لیں تفصیلات کیمطابق الخیر یونیورسٹی بھمبر تعلیم کے نام پر دولت کمانے کا کاروبار جاری رکھے ہوئے ہے گلی محلوں میں دوکانیں سجا کر تعلیم کے نام پر کاروبار اور ڈگریاں بانٹی جارہی ہیں بھمبر کیمپس قائم ہوئے ابھی ایک سال ہو اہے ڈگریاں کئی سال پرانی تاریخوں میں دی جا رہی ہیں یونیورسٹی میں بظاہر کئی شعبے کام کررہے ہیں لیکن مطلوبہ معیار کا سٹاف کسی بھی شعبہ میں نہیں ہے طالبعلم گھر بیٹھے بغر پڑھے فیسیں دیکر ڈگریاں حاصل کررہے ہیں آزادکشمیر میں قائم سفارشی کلچر میں یہ ڈگریاں لیکر مستحق لوگوں کے حقوق پر ڈاکا ڈالاجارہاہے حکومت اور ذمہ داران اپنا حصہ بٹور کر آنکھیں بند کیے ہوئے ہیں اور تعلیم کے نام پر مکروہ کاروبار جار ی ہے عوامی حلقوں تعلیمی حلقوں ، طلباء اور پڑھے لکھے بے روز گار نوجوان اس مکروہ کاروبار پر شدید بے چینی کا شکار ہیں اور حکومت آزادکشمیر اور محکمہ تعلیم کے ذمہ داران سے مطالبہ کیا ہے کہ پڑھے لکھے نوجوانوں کے مستقبل کو تاریک ہونے اور تعلیم کے گرتے ہوئے معیار کو بچانے کیلئے غیر معیاری اور گلی محلوں میں کھلے نام نہاد تعلیمی اداروں کو بند کیا جائے۔

  12. I.Khan says:

    agr al khair uni fake b hay too.. HEC se recognise hay.. aur HEC degree attest ker k deta hay.. aur yeh har jaga accepted hay .. to humy is se kiya lena ..I have done degree from Al Khair Uni.. I got attestation from HEC then UAE embassy and now I am working in UAE. and I alo get admission in USA on the base of this uni.. How the hell some1 say its Fake.

    1. zafar cheema says:

      open HEC web now.. Al khair is not recognised…shukar ada kro ap ki degree attest hogyi

      1. khan says:

        ajj 2015 April… still HEC KI WEB SITE PE HY …AUR RECOGNIZED HY..



  13. hayat shah says:

    I.K khan jis ne ilam ki bjae sirf degree hasal karni ho wo ap ki trha Al khair se he raabta krta hay aur jis ne ilm hasal kar k society me naam bnana ho wo Al khair jese chaklay pe thookta b ni..aur ap ki itla k liye HEC ki web khol k dekh lo alkhair pe dobara pabandi lagg gyi.ap shukar ada kro ap ki “Degree” attest hogyi HEc se.

    1. khan says:

      MERY BHAI ,,

      I m a teacher even in uae… so ilam sikha rey hy dunia bewakoof nai… kuch aata hoga to dosroo ko khas kr out country teach kary gy… aur Alkhumdullah American school me

  14. Iqbal Cheema says:

    HEC ne Bogus alkhair Uni k tamam bogus affiliated coleges ki list jari kar di, mazeed info HEC ki Web se lay lain

  15. I have seen several comments above regarding forge and bogus issues. It is for their knowledge to be updated that this University is not only recognised but also a leading University of the country. So please first confirm what you are trying to blame. If the University authority will summon for legal proceedings against all those who are defaming the university status then what will happen ? Please be in senses and think well before you comment.It may harm you badly. I am not the supporter of this University but telling you all the truth and factual position to be careful in future. The matter of 2009 was a timely issue which was desolved shortly.

  16. Abdul Moez says:

    I agree with Mr.Khalid Gondal that this Uni Alkhair is a leading Uni of the country, also Taliban are True Muslims, Sunny Leone and Veena Malik are Virgins, Altaf Hussain and MqM are not involved in target Killing,Bhutto Aj b Zinda Hay, Pakistan is terrorism free country..Mulla Fazlulla Is A Hero of Islam

  17. ziaud din says:

    dear brothers
    It is my self experience about Al-Khair university that I got admission in MCS in AlKhair Karachi campus and when I was in last semester (4th) then suddenly on one day there was a big Lock hanging on the door of the campus. There was also no sign board of university. I contacted many officials of campus but nobody replied. I lost my money and lost my precious time.

    By the grace of God I did not loose my temperament and got admission in first batch of MCS from Virtual University. Now alhamdullilah I am Master of Computer Science and working in AbuDhabi(UAE)

  18. aysha says:

    yaar charsadda main tu 4 bando ne nts top karde gaye… aur b.ed alkhair se kia ta…

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